The Dreamer and The Dream. 

In the beginning there was energy, at some point this energy became manifest.
Let us imagine spirit is collective energy and the soul individual energy, that the outpouring of spirit is physical manifestation.

Let us imagine spirit itself is embodied within the process of evolution, therefore with,
and through the evolution of consciousness, spirit can begin to perceive itself through the eyes of the soul.

In the same way the artist comes to an understanding of his or herself through the process of their own creativity. In truth there is no separation between the artist and their work, as there is no separation between the original energy and its manifest forms. The two are one and the same.

A raindrop may fall into a stream, but the raindrop is not the stream, nor the stream the raindrop. In reality they are both part of the same process. We are not separate from the earth, nor the earth separate from us.

We are now on the edge of a shift in consciousness through which we will grow to be at one with all that is.

We are the dreamer and the dream.